My Almond Milk Adventure

Eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast gets a little boring so another good option is granola and milk (not soy milk or dairy milk), but as I already mentioned, most dairy-free milks that I have found have sea salt in them, which makes them off-limits.  The solution is to make your own almond milk.  And now that I’ve tried it I don’t think I can go back to store bought.  Its thinker and creamier than store bought almond milk and it actually tastes like almonds!  The only down side is that it is a commitment to make it.

There are many almond milk recipes but here is the summary of my adventures in making almond milk.

First I soaked about 2 cups of RAW almonds in water over night (most of the recipes I read said 10-12 hours is idea.).  I added enough water to cover the almonds by about an inch.


In the morning I put the almonds and the water into a blender with half a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of maple syrup turned the blender on high.  (Some other things that you could add are honey, raw sugar and/or vanilla).  The mixture seemed a little thick so I added about half a cup of extra water and blended some more.  It ended up looking like off white sludge. Yum.

I also lined a colander with three layers of cheese cloth and put the colander over a large bowl.  Apparently there are things called nut bags that you can buy that make straining easier but cheese cloth worked well for me.  After I was happy that the almonds were well blended I slowly poured the sludge into the cheese cloth colander set up I made and let it sit for almost an hour.  After I poured out the mixture there was some left inside the blender so I added about another half a cup of water to blender, swirled it around, and then poured it into the cheese cloth.


After an hour the cheese cloth had mostly stopped dripping so I squeezed the cheese cloth to get as much more of the milk out as I could.  I even enlisted the help of my brother because he has bigger/ stronger hand then me.


And then you have almond milk!  I actually ended up drinking most of it plain instead of having it with granola because it was so good!



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