Low Iodine Breakfast (plus snacks)

My favorite breakfast foods are milk with cereal, yogurt, eggs.  I love eggs basically anyway they can be prepared, and eggs with cheese are even better.  So when I realized I couldn’t eat dairy I was especially distraught about breakfast.

My solution is oatmeal.  Sometimes I don’t like oatmeal because it gets to soggy, but I love steal cut oatmeal.  The other problem with oatmeal is that it can take a while to cook.  The solution to this second problem is Quick Steal Cut Oats.  I get them at Trader Joe’s.


I like to add in vanilla nuts and honey but some other good things to add could be apples, bananas, brown sugar, or cinnamon.  I also put cloves in the water when  and a few cardamom pods (be careful not to eat them later) to add some flavor. I also throw in a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor of the spices.


Snack ideas:

Peanut butter (unsalted) and banana, also apple and peanut butter.

IMG_3178      IMG_3222Popcorn (not the microwave type)

IMG_3205      IMG_3186

Heat up a pan with enough olive oil to cover the bottom. Add in three kernels and put a lid over the pan.  When the first three kernels have popped add the rest of the popcorn.  A little less than 1/4 of a cup is about the right amount for one person.  When there is a little time between pops turn off the heat but leave the lid on for a few minutes until the popping stops (otherwise popcorn might pop everywhere).  Add some salt and a little more olive oil if you want, and enjoy.



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